Seeking to establish collaboration with Beijing Lanmate Language Institute, Chris Oniya, CEO of United International Intelligence (UII) with his team paid a visit to its campus and met with the representatives of the Institute on June 20th, 2017. A brief introduction was first given on the services of UII including “Belt and Road Academic Visit” – targeted at overseas entrepreneurs, “Scholarship Program” – designed to assure international students be awarded scholarship and “Ordinary Recruitment Program” – aimed at providing students with one-stop service. After that, officials of Lanmate also presented on the spot how the “network classroom” operated, which was coming soon and would be dedicated to helping international students learning Chinese.

On building mutual understandings, the two parties went deep into issues concerning the model for collaboration. It is hopeful that upon the building of partnership in the near future, international students can have better access to the application for UIBE through UII and at the same time improve their Chinese at Lanmate, thus to be qualified for the further study in college.       



A meeting with representatives of Beijing Lanmate Language Institute


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